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Ellen Pompeo Talks Emotional Grey’s Anatomy Reunion With Kate Walsh – E! Online

Walsh’s return to Grey’s Anatomy comes after a multi-year absence. She initially left the medical drama after its third season to head up her own spin-off series, Private Practice.

Grey’s Anatomy is now in its 18th season, but Pompeo remains uncertain when she’ll make her own exit—even though her husband, Chris Ivery, is apparently eager for her to lighten her workload. 

“He did say the other day, ‘Don’t you think you can work a little less now?'” Pompeo told Daily Pop‘s Justin Sylvester

But seeing as how she just launched a new podcast called Tell Me, that doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon.

“There’s so many young women who really look up to me and really look to hear what I’m saying about things, and podcasting is a relatively new medium, [but] I produce TV every day,” Pompeo explained. “[I thought], let me try producing this and see how it works.”

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